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By: Diane Conway  L.Ac.

Health & Wellness


Our health, to a large degree, is really in our hands and made up of the daily choices we make.The lifestyle we choose to live dictates much about the quality of our days. We overeat one day; we pay for it the next. We get some exercise and we realize the benefits.


Chinese medicine promotes a way of life that seeks health and balance by encouraging one to slow down, be deliberate and make thoughtful choices concerning the “10,000 things” that make up our lives.

Every minute of every day is an opportunity to do right by yourself and your family.  A life is lived one second at a time; our bodies are along for the ride at the same pace. What this means is that if you have a health concern that has been with you a short time or a long time, you can go about reestablishing a healthy balance one choice at a time, just as seasons change, one day at a time. Small, yet profound adjustments in what we choose to eat and how much, in what level of activity or rest we partake in, and in what frame of mind or choice of inspiration we follow; these collectively contribute to transformations in our daily life.  Living deliberately, thoughtfully, and in line with a sense of a natural balance is a way to nurture vigor and peace; joy and calm.


It is very easy to find advice on how to get healthy. Every day there is more information from more experts with more for you to do or not do. Much of it is very helpful. But none of it is helpful until a person stops long enough to first take an honest look at the minutes of their day and the choices contained within. That is where we start.

Chinese Medicine

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